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One of the great things about playing in an online casino is that you have the opportunity to find a very wide variety of games. And the advantage that an online establishment has over its brick-and-mortar counterpart is the fact that it has a lot more "room" to fit games due to the fact that it is virtual in nature.

Therefore, when you get into the casino lobby, you are going to find a number of variations of blackjack, video poker and slot machine games in particular, and there will be something to fit everyone's taste, whether they are a small player or a high roller.

You'll have the more exotic games for sure, and these might include offerings like Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride and Three-Card Poker. Then there are specialty games, scratch card games, simulation games, skill games, and a lot more.

But when it comes down to it, most people prefer to see appetizing versions of the "meat and potatoes" games that are regarded as old favorites. These games are very prominently displayed in physical casinos and are certainly front and center in the online version. We'll take a look at some of them.


Slot games have always been popular, if for no other reason than that they are very easy to play. There is no complicated strategy to comprehend; just an understanding of the rules that are in place in any one game. About the hardest thing anyone would have to learn is how to go about placing a wager, and recognize what a "wild" or a "scatter" is.

For the gambler that is casual in terms of seeking out a casino strictly for entertainment purposes, slots are a logical choice.

When you look into the selection that is available at any online casino, you're going to have the opportunity to explore the entire spectrum of choices. Some players enjoy a more traditional look to their slot games, and for those folks there are the "classic" slots, which are reminiscent of the "one-armed bandits" of old, with the bars, sevens and fruit symbols and one or three paylines.

Of course, if players want, they can get involved with stuff that is much more complicated. The video slots have paylines in abundance, which means there are a lot of ways to win. Wild symbols are on hand to help complete winning combinations, and there are "scatter" symbols that can trigger bonus rounds. In addition to this, there is often a "doubling" option that, well, enables you to double any win.

Foe the huge payouts, there are progressive slot games as well, and they have been known to pay jackpots in excess of a half-million dollars. There is unquestionably something for everyone when it comes to online slots!


When you go into a land-based casino, you find that the blackjack tables are going to be extremely popular, because there is a certain value that is placed on your skill. Let's face it; the better you are at playing your cards, the better your chances of winning.

Blackjack is an ideal confrontational game, and when you're playing it in an online casino, it really places an emphasis on that confrontation, as you are playing head-up against the house. Of course, you're talking about a "virtual" dealer, but everything else is pretty much the same. When the cards are dealt to you, there are icons that appear on the screen that show you what options are available for that particular playing situation. It’s up to you to make the right decision.

The game moves quickly and is somewhat unpredictable, since all the cards are, in effect, reshuffled at the end of each round of play, the result of the work of the Random Number Generator (RNG) that powers the game.

One of the great things about playing online is that you can find all different kinds of blackjack games. These variations include a double exposure game, where you can see both of the dealer's cards; Blackjack Switch, in which you can actually switch the second card dealt to you by the dealer, not to mention Pontoon, Spanish 21, Vegas Downtown and Atlantic City versions, and much more.

Video Poker

Video poker is one of those great games that, even if you are a newcomer to casinos in general, you might understand something about. That's because there are versions of it that are not much different than some of the games you have most likely played with friends at home.

In video poker, it's you against the house, and the good news for people who like to like to apply their skill is that there is indeed a certain strategy you can play that can improve your chances to win. And you don't even have to know the strategy itself to play it.

In fact, if you were playing a video poker game that is powered by Microgaming, you would have the opportunity to implement an auto-strategy that would give you a chance to come up a winner on each and every round of play.

There are many different variations of video poker. One of those that are considered to be "standard" is that of Jacks or Better, in which you don't get paid on any hand that ranks below a pair of Jacks. But then there are others that could be more exciting. Deuces Wild uses a wild card, and of course it's a two (2). It can complete or enhance any winning combination in the game!


Roulette is one of those games that have always carried an aura with it. And some of it is myth. Some people who watch too many movies may look at roulette as one of those games that is reserved for the high-roller crowd, but in fact it is not. If you play roulette in the land-based environment you know this. It's accessible, and not hard to learn.

The two principal versions of roulette are the American version, in which the wheel not only has numbers 1 through 36 but also two zeros, and the European version, in which there is only one zero. Whether you are wagering on a single number or a group of numbers, the odds of winning any single wager are affected by the presence of a single zero on the wheel; in point of fact, they are improved.

The bets that are available include those "even money" payouts in which the ball will either wind up going Red or Black, Even or Odd, High or Low. One thing you have to keep in mind is that almost all the bets in the American version of roulette carry a 5.26% built-in disadvantage with them. So don't expect that you are going to be able to apply a lot of strategy to this game.


When we talk about baccarat, we are talking about a game that brings with it an even more "exclusive" reputation with it than the game of roulette. It's something you see in all the James Bond movies, for example. And admittedly, it tends to be one of those games in which more money is bet, on average.

The fact is, baccarat can be played by anybody, and it probably has been discovered by many more people as a result of its inclusion in the online casinos.

The biggest stumbling block is figuring out how the game is played. It's somewhat simple, though there are a couple of twists. There are two entities in online baccarat - the Player and the Banker. In playing this game, you have the choice of three wagers; you can bet on the Player, the Banker or on a tie.

There are two cards dealt to both the Player and Dealer spots in this game. The object is for one of the two sides to get closer to the total of nine, keeping in mind that for any total, only the second digit is used. For example, if the total of a two-card hand is 15, then the total is represented as five (5). There can be cards hit to a hand, but there is no strategy decision on the part of the player.

In the end, a winning bet on the Player pays even money, as does a winning bet on the Dealer, but the latter requires a commission to be paid back to the house. To win the "tie" bet pays off at 8-to-1.


Craps is one of the fastest moving games in any land-based casino, and it is also one of the loudest. The very nature of the game is that there are people crowded around a table, placing bets, and they are rooting either for or against the "shooter."

On the online version of the game, you're not going to get a lot of that crowd noise, although depending on the casino software developer, you have the ability to control a lot of the sounds of the game. And you can't become the shooter; the dice get rolled by the computer program that powers the game, and you place your wagers.

There are indeed many wagers that can be made; to many of them to go over here. And learning all of those possible wagers is necessarily for you to participate in the game. That is the barrier involved. What is central to understanding what you're doing in online craps is to know about the odds of each possible combination coming out.

Playing a crap game when it is online allows you to operate at a pace that is most comfortable for you, and you may be well-advised to try with a free/fun version of the game for a little while as you learn about all the bets before venturing into the game for real money.


If you were to choose a game where the advent of online gaming has changed the dynamic most considerably, you might consider keno, which gets transformed from a slow-moving game that is one of the preferences of the retirement crowd to something that is much sexier.

Keno is an ancient game which has its roots in China. Through the years it has developed as something where the level of popularity has been a by-product of the simplicity of the game. Truly anyone can play.

When you look at keno in the land-based casino, it carries a lag time in between games, so that everybody can color their cards with crayon, and the whole atmosphere is rather leisurely.

When the game of keno goes online, it becomes different because it is not only less of a group thing, but also a game that can be played at whatever pace you want. You are at the controls, and you can really cram a lot of action into a short period of time. The mechanics are not much different than what you'd find offline; you mark your card and then the keno balls are drawn, in this case in virtual fashion.

You are trying to match as many numbers as possible as you have them marked on the card. And the numbers appear in plain view; there is no need to do any tracking of the results, because the program itself will let you know if you have won when the game is over. Then the game starts all over again - it's as simple as that!

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