Tips and Advice for Players Getting Started

September 17, 2012

When you are just starting out in the world of online casino gaming, you may be traveling over ground that is rather unfamiliar. And there is nothing particularly wrong with that, because as they say, everybody's got to get started somewhere. The question is whether you are going to make the right moves or the wrong moves as you progress forward.

So which way are you going to go?

The process of being involved with this activity, which we might add is one of the most popular leisure activities on earth, begins with the selection of a casino. One of the reasons we have this guide is to make that decision-making process easier, because there are literally hundreds, even thousands of choices. You don't want to get confused by that virtual maze of information and influence that is coming your way.

So what are some of the basic things you should look for?

1) Check on the reputation of the casino itself. If a place looks good to you, find out whether it has been flagged for not paying customers, for slow-paying customers, or for cheating. There are a lot of great outlets to play, but there are some bad apples as well. There are watchdog sites on the internet that can help give you some information along these lines.

2) What games are available, and how many of them are there? Let's say you are a devotee of video poker. Well, there are a lot of casinos that have a wide variety of video poker offerings. A lot will depend on what variations you're looking for and what level of bettor you are. If you like slots, you'll probably find that you'll gravitate a lot more to the casinos that are "powered" by either Microgaming or Playtech, for these offer the best selection and the most quality, on balance.

3) What is the bonus situation? Online casinos offer bonuses for people who sign up with them as a real money player. The bonus is expressed as a percentage of the initial deposit you make, and the percentages vary. You could get 50%, or as much as 100%. If you examine the bonuses, you be able to find out if the wagering requirement (the money you have to put into play to collect the bonus) is too high, or if the bonuses continue even beyond your first deposit. That's one thing you'll definitely be looking for.

4) You also have to consider the various methods by which you can make a deposit, because it will have a bearing on how you continue to do business with this establishment. If you have a credit card or electronic wallet method, and you are in a jurisdiction where those kinds of options are allowed, it can be quick and easy to refill or add to your account. At the same time, checking out the timetable by which you can withdraw money from your casino account and put it in your pocket is also a very important consideration.

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