Strategy for Three Card Poker

March 28, 2016

When players choose to gamble online, they will be presented with a huge array of games that can be enjoyed for real money. Many players enjoy the thrills of card and table games, and at online casinos, there are many different poker variations that can be played, including Three Card Poker. This game is easy to learn, but new players should take some time to play free games so they can master the rules and develop some strategies that will help them when they start to place wagers at a selected online casino.

The overall game is very easy to understand. Players will use their three cards to create the best poker hand with payouts being offered for various ranking hands. Here are two wagers that can be placed when playing the game, the ante and the Pairs Plus. When using optimum strategy when playing against the dealer, players should always raise their bets when they have a Queen 6, 4 or better. While these hands may only produce small wins, they still generate profits. Hands that are lower than this should be folded. When using this strategy, the house edge for the game is just 3.37%. Deviating from the basic strategy will increase the house edge and cause players to lose more hands than necessary.

Players who are just playing the Pairs Plus game will not gave to make any decisions. The bet is based on the cards that are held and there is no raising. With this bet, the house edge is just 2.32%, so it is a great bet to place as there are many chances at collecting payouts. When playing Pairs Plus, payouts start at 1:1 for a pair and increase to 40:1 for a Straight Flush.

With the Ante game, the dealer hand plays an important role. Even if players are holding a winning hand, they will only receive even money if the dealer does not qualify, which means they must have a pair of Queens or better. While the even money return is okay, players who have good ranking hands will obviously want the dealer to qualify, but his does not always happen, which is why most players will opt to plat the Pairs Plus bet so they will at least get decent rewards for their hand even when the dealer does not qualify.

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