Pai Gow Betting Systems

January 5, 2015

Pai Gow Poker is one of the popular table games that is featured in online casinos. This game is pretty easy to play and with some basic strategies, can offer impressive payouts when playing for real money. Many players who enjoy this game will be looking for betting systems that can help them win more and preserve their bankroll when betting. While betting systems will not guarantee that any player will win, they are effective tools and can help recoup some losses when used correctly. There are a variety of systems that have been used over the years at Pai Gow Poker tables and players can learn a bit about these and see which will work best for their playing style.

Two popular systems that are used are positive and negative progression betting. With positive progressive, players will increase their bet amounts when they win a hand and will decrease amounts when they lose. The negative progression is the exact opposite, where players will increase bets after a loss in hopes of winning more and recouping some of the losses. Both of these are effective, but they can deplete smaller bankrolls quite quickly.

The Martingale System is one that is very popular and this system is easy to use. It simply involved doubling the amount of the bet after every losing hand. If players are betting $10 on a hand, they will increase this to $20 when they lose. If they lose again, the next bet is for $40 and so on. This continues until a winning hand is enjoyed, Then, players will resume their initial bet amounts and start the process over again.

The Parlay Betting system is also popular with Pai Gow Poker and this system lets the bets ride. If players place a $5 bet and win $10, they will not take the $5 profit. Instead, they bet the entire amount won on the next hand. With this system, it is important to have limits in place so that some of the winnings can be enjoyed. Players need to know when to walk away and take what they have won instead of risking it all in hopes for a large payout.

These systems are often seen in use at the Pai Gow tables and they can easily be used by any real money player online. However, always use caution and pay attention to the bankroll as they can quickly eat away at the casino account.

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