Guide to Mini Baccarat

June 19, 2017

Mini Baccarat is a game that has gained much popularity at online casinos. It is a smaller version of standard baccarat and offers players some great chances at winning. With this game, just 7 players can play at one time, though the overall goal and the rules do not vary much from a regular baccarat game. The standard American baccarat game is played with as many as 14 players and on a larger table. One thing that is appealing to many is the lower betting limits. American baccarat is known to be a high roller game, but with Mini Baccarat, the bet amounts are smaller, allowing players with lower budgets to get in on the excitement of baccarat.

With this game, between 6 and 8 decks are used to play and there are three bets offered, the player, banker and a tie bet, just as with standard baccarat. The payout for player and banker bets are even money returns and the tie bet can pay 8:1. However, the tie bet is considered to be a sucker bet due to it having a very high house edge.

There are some great advantages to choosing mini baccarat over a standard game. This game is designed for occasional and casual players. There are no specific procedures in regards to becoming the banker or dealing the cards. Players will be playing against the house only, so there is no competition between others that are at the table. With lower betting limits and simple rules, this is a great table game for any beginner player.

The rules of the game are very simple. Game play starts by the player selecting a bet amount based on table minimums and maximums. The dealer will then deal out four cards that are face up on the table. Two of these go to the player hand and two will go to the banker. The dealer will deal a third card if required based on the rules of the game. The values of the banker and player hand are then compared and the one that has a value closer to 9 will be declared the winner and all bets will be paid out. The game is very easy to learn, though it is a fast paced game, so new players may first benefit from playing the free version that is found at many online casinos.

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