Doubling Down in Blackjack

October 26, 2015

Online blackjack games attract the attention of many players and these games can offer some of e best player odds. Blackjack will often attract those that are new to the game and these players may not have a full understanding of the different options offered in the game. One option that is often seen with blackjack is the ability to Double Down. Here, players can learn what this actually means and when to use it for the best chances to win. With the Double Down option, players will have to place an additional wager and because of this, many new players will avoid the option completely. This additional wager offers many great benefits that are missed when the Double Down option is not used.

The perfect situation for doubling down is when the cards held have a value of 11. Since just about 50% of the cards in a standard deck have a value of 8 or more, these chances are pretty good. This is the time to double down and receive one additional card. The chances are pretty decent that he card will be a value higher than 8, offering players the ability to get hands of 19 or better and beat the dealer. The double down option should always be used in the case of hands with an 11 value.

If the hand value is less than 10, the situation is much weaker and the players will only double down when the dealer shows a card that is a lower value than what is in the players hand. With hands that value 9, only double down when the dealer shows a 6 or less. The weakest cards for the dealer in blackjack are 5 and 6, so take advantage of this situation whenever possible. In short, never double down with a hand value that is less than 8 or better than 12.

Doubling down is a great option that can increase payouts from the game. Players need to know when to use the option and when to avoid it. With this option, an equal bet to the ante will have to be placed and the player will receive only one card and cannot hit again. It is a feature that is often used by experienced players at the table.

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