Double Attack Blackjack Games

July 4, 2016

Almost every online casino will present players with versions of blackjack that can be enjoyed for free or for real money. The actual games will depend on what software is being used by the casino site, but players can expect a great variety of games no matter where they play. One type of game that is appealing to experienced players is Double Attack Blackjack. Similar to Spanish 21, Double Attack Blackjack games use 48 cards in a deck, removing the ten cards. This change in rules makes it important for players to use proper strategy if they wish to beat the house.

The rules of the game are similar to standard blackjack and players will try to get a hand value as close to 21 without busting. The dealer in these games will stand on all hands of 17 and will always check for a blackjack. The major rule difference is that a push hand is not considered to be a tie. When players push with Double Attack Blackjack, they will lose their bet amount. Another difference is that the blackjack will not offer a payout of 3:2. Instead, the hand just offers an even money return.

When players first see the dealer’s revealed card, they will have the chance to double attack, which means they will be able to raise their initial bet amount. The same amount will be used for splitting and doubling. For example, if players raise their hand with Double Attack, the amount will be $2 and the split hands and doubled hands will all be worth an additional $2 bet amount. With standard blackjack games, these bets would be just $1.

There is also a side bet that is offered with Double Attack Blackjack. This is usually labelled the Bust It bet. It is a small wager that is placed before the dealer’s card is shown and players will be betting whether the dealer will bust. However, the side bet will only pay when the bust occurs on the third card. The payouts will vary depending on the value of that card. If it is a 6, the payouts are 15:1. A 7 will pay 10:1. An 8 will pay 8:1, a 9 will pay 6:1 and a ten card will pay 3:1. Players can win even more if the dealer busts with the same valued card of the same suit or colour. The same colour will pay 50:1 while the same suit pays 200:1.

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