Basic Sic Bo Strategy

September 14, 2015

Sic Bo is one of the exciting table games that can be enjoyed online and the game is very similar to Craps but it is played with three dice instead of two. Like Craps, Sic Bo offers a large selection of bets that can be placed and they all have different house edges. The basic and simple Sic Bo strategy revolves around knowing the best bets and placing those that have low house edges. While this will collect lower payouts, these bets have better odds for players so they allow the bankroll to be extended and for players to have longer playing sessions at the tables.

Unfortunately, many new players do not pay attention to the house edge and simply place bets at the Sic Bo table. Expert players will have the ability to calculate different payouts for bets and will know what the house edge is for each bet that is offered. For those who are new to the game, it is much easier to just memorise the bets that have the lowest house edge and stick to placing those when playing for real money.

Small and Big bets are the best bets to place. These are even money bets and will provide for frequent wins. The Small bet will win when the total of the dice rolled is between 4 and 10 unless all three dice have the same number. This bet has a low house edge of 2.78%. The Big bet is a bet paced hoping the value of the dice is between 11 and 17 without three dice having the same value. The house edge is the same as with the Small bet. There are also Odd and Even bets, both with even money payouts and a house edge of 2.78%. These are simple to understand as the Odd bet wins when the total of the dice is an odd number and Even wins when the total is even.

While it is important to now about low house edge bets, new players also need to be aware of these with the highest house edge. These bets should be avoided by beginners as they are difficult to win, though they do offer impressive payouts. The Two of a Kind bet has a 5:1 payout and a house edge of 15.55% while the Three of a Kind bet has a payout of 7:1 and a house edge of 11.11%. Bets with higher house edges will have higher payouts, but the chances of winning are low, which is why new players should stick to the strategy of placing low house edge bets when they begin the game.

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